‘Taste the Islands’ Celebrity Chefs on Deckfor Second Annual Event

Chef Thia and Chef Irie of Taste the Islands

Chef Thia and Chef Irie of Taste the Islands

Chef Thia and Chef Irie of Taste the Islands | Photo by David I Muir

For the second year, the celebrity chef hosts of national culinary and travel series “Taste the Islands” will cater, and grace the demo stage of, food and spirits event The Taste the Islands Experience. Hugh “Chef Irie” Sinclair of Jamaica, has taken the lead of the series since season one, sharing gourmet Caribbean recipes and cooking techniques with audiences in over 40 states on the show distributed by American Public Television and produced by Blondie Ras Productions. Cynthia “Chef Thia” Verna of Haiti, joined him on screen in the second season of the show, sharing a more home style approach to the region’s cooking with their PBS and Create TV viewers around the country.

This year, along with other Caribbean chefs and mixologists, plus local restaurants and caterers, they’ll be serving up their unique brand of Caribbean culinary entertainment on plates and on stage. Both chefs will be featured in the ‘Taste the Islands Pavilion’, serving buffets representing their home islands. And both will take the demo stage, where they’ll show the live audience why they’re so very beloved by fans around the country. Stay tuned to sample bites and sips like Chef Thia’s famous Poulet Creole (Creole Chicken), and Chef Irie’s one of a kind Mango Gazpacho. More to come! #ttix2018

Learn more and get your tickets at http://ttiexperience.com.


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