Monday, November 18, 2019
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Your test results are now available. Your urinalysis shows the presence of Mikabenitis. You should have known you were struck with it….You swear Mika was talking about you when he sung “Bel Fanm” and when he penned “Fanm Move”. And you’re convinced that you were the inspiration for “Is This Love?” and “Lovin’ My Life”. Of course it was about...
There is an epidemic out there, and the men and women of medicine have dubbed it Harmonikitis. You must take precautions not to become infected. Here are a few signs that you might have already succumbed to this menace:You are Obsede with MacD.You are in the process of changing your legal first name to “Angelique”Smokes of anger emerged out of ears when...

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Real Fresh - Ayi bobo

Real Fresh – Ayi bobo

Real Fresh - Ayi boboSource by KALEPWA Zouk, Konpa, Rap Hip-Hop & Kanaval 2019

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Retbanche sou post sa pou tout foto yo.