Music Video: Carimi and Mikaben Baby I Miss You


Artist: Carimi and Mikaben
Song “Baby I Miss(ed) You/Baby, I Miss You”
Director: Abdias Laguerre

In which I write my thoughts as I watch this Kreyolicious music video entitled “Baby I Miss You” by Carimi and Mikaben…


Ah, a summer bungalow…looks almost like Martha’s Vineyard…or somewhere deep in the East Coast…


The obligatory leading lady with long, silky hair that flows nearly past her knees…and the spectacle-wearing leading man, on his way out. They share a passionate embrace before his departure. Wait, they kiss and hug? Okay, either this relationship is new, or it’s been through the rocks, and they’re rebuilding.


Dude #1 goes down the steps, guitar in hand. He must be a musician! A shot of him going down the steps again. And he’s already checking his phone? That’s obsessive love for you!

Another time, another day. This time it’s him saying goodbye to her, as she climbs a red sedan. But who’s this other dude? Dude #2?


Oh, a tour bus. A guitar player.


It’s abuzz inside the bus. Guitar practice. Business phone calls.


Ah, new apartment. Nice minimalist decor. Green pants, huh?

Wait, Dude #2 is a lefty? Oh, perhaps not?…we do tend to hold iPads on the left hand, and use the right to navigate.

Oh, he’s rushing to the door. OMG. But isn’t that…


Uh-oh. While the rat is away, the little mouse will play.


Podyab, Dude #1. While he’s singing his little heart out, his girl is knocking on someone else’s door…

Poor other fellow. While Dude #1 is on the tour bus getting all sentimental and singing about missing his baby, his girl is being swept off the ground by another man.

Look at the smile on the face of the other fool, as he drags her luggage in that penthouse.

Ki sa! Girl’s clothes are swung down her body and fall in a pool on the tiled floor. Oh, dear, something tells me that something immoral is about to go down in this joint. Ooh, and the skillful way the green pants wearing boyfriend drops those clothes, you get the feeling that this has been going down for quite a while.

“Baby I Miss(ed) You”, er, um, okay, but does baby miss you? Looks to me like the Jezebel is getting it on.

All I have to say is, the video’s director has an interesting take on this song’s theme. You expect it to depict a relationship where the love is mutual, and it’s being presented as one-sided…one baby misses the other baby…but other baby…er, not so much.

Deep, deep down inside…Dude #2 has a gut feeling that she doesn’t wholly belong to him. Watch Guy#2 at the 1:44 mark.


He sleeps with his eyes seemingly close, but there’s a slight gap between the eyelids. And watch how his head is centered on the pillow, but the edge of the pillow sticks out. A person sleeping soundly would have more than likely turned his head on the sticky edge of the pillow, and woken up with a neck ache. A lack of trust, clearly. He wants to keep a close eye on this girl. And look at his lips, so pink and so sensual. He must be taking his 30 grams of Vitamin E daily, and he probably eats lots and lots of blueberries, and consumes lots of greens.

Why is Dude #1 hiding under the hood of his gray tracksuit half of the time in this video? He’s not bad looking and he could never scare little children.

Dude#2 is looking so lusty as he holds ‘ole girl. His hands run smoothly across her arms. His eyes are glistening with lust.

Oh, she had her lingerie, her Jezebel-wear ready!

Oh, no, Dude#1 is back early from his tour! It’s about to go down. The green pants-wearing, Vitamin E-consuming side piece is about to get it!

Cinderella left a shoe behind for the prince. Girl leaves her scarf. If anything, you can’t say she’s not original.

Oh, Dude# 2 is having his fun! Oh dear, he looks like he’s about to give in to some serious fleshly desires.


Uh-oh. Dude #1 is climbing up the steps of the Martha’s Vineyard-looking bungalow.


Finally, we get a better view of Dude #1 and I must say he’s well coordinated. What great choice of colors. Nice scarf, Dude #1.


There is a pool beneath that balcony. Is a body about to be thrown in it?

Okay, red car…gray truck…something is amiss here. One-story bungalow and high-rise, sea-side building…Could it be…

Oh, inside a music studio comes the pretty lady.

Okay, either this girl is in one of these guy’s past, and in the other’s present…but she can’t be in their present at the same time…something about these visuals is not adding up.

My guess, at this point, is that one of the dudes is being delusional (my gut feeling is telling me that Dude #1 currently has her, and Dude #2 once had her, and he’s now reminiscing about his past with her). Perhaps she used to be his girl and he screwed it up somehow…Look at that faraway, distracted look that’s on Dude #2’s face during each closeup. Look at him, kalkileying.

Let’s see…

Dude #2 is making me blush.

Oh, dear.


Wait, so there’s two of them. Ah, dear. That explains a lot…a whole lot.

Here are some points I observed about this video:

How fab is it that the video model(s) is(are) a full-figured woman? She/They has a realistic body proportions and has a real woman’s mid-section. (Yes, I’m a skinny girl, but I like it when all women are presented as beautiful and desirable in music vids).

There are three musician-members on that tour bus, no? But as opposed to populating the video with all three of them, one of them is given full-focus.

Applause for the ladies for their performances—and the two leading dudes as well for their thespian efforts.

Props should also go to the video’s wardrobe stylist for fashioning the looks for the two dudes. Dude #1 had these cosmopolitan looks, while Dude #2 wore pieces that were refined hood/not-quite-the-suburbs. Dude #1 had the wardrobe of a mature man who’s left childish things behind, whereas the outfits worn by Dude #2 (especially that checkered flannel leprechaun outfit) left one thinking that, well, he may have infantile behavior tendencies.

Aha, that airport scene was squeezed in to clue us in regarding the separate identities of the women…but it was also a throw-off. With a song like “Baby, I Missed You”, it would have been easy to go the “literal route”, and make it all predictable. But all those suspense and surprise elements herein really keep you glued, and make one replay the vid (“Let’s see the clues I missed the first time around.” I knew something was not right. That girl couldn’t possibly have been in their lives simultaneously. [In my grandmother’s voice] Ah, mezanmi.

Main photo: via Kalepwa


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