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Kreyol La Photo

Kreyol La Photo
Song: Triye. Artist: Kreyol La

According to the relationship coach Bruce Muzik, relationships have 5 stages. The song “Triye”, by this band named Kreyol La reflects the second stage—the power struggle stage. According to Mr. Bruce Muzik (interesting that this should be his last name), couples going through that particular stage tend to try to change their partners. And, when the change they try to impose on their partner doesn’t happen, they punish their partners. At which point, there’s all sort of havoc. What’s more, contends Bruce Muzik, couples in the second stage resort to focusing on a partner’s flaws and shortcomings and begin to withdraw emotionally from the relationship.

This song “Triye”, credited to singer-songwriter Joe Zenny, Jr., practically describes this stage word for word.

The first couple of times I listened to “Triye”, I thought it was preaching that people should settle and put up with a partner’s crap (infidelity, physical abuse, etc). But that isn’t what the song is saying. It’s not encouraging anyone to stay in a toxic relationship (I think). What it’s saying is that nowadays folks give up too easily when difficulties arise. The idea of starting over with someone else seems much more appealing, than trying to work things out with the current partner. But as the singer says in the song, it’s best to smooth out the creases in a wrinkled relationship, then going out there in search of lawns where the grass is greener. For, to go in search of greener grass…well…who knows if you won’t get hit by some serious pesticide…Who knows if there aren’t any broken glass buried in that greener grass, or some nails…or some other toxin, just sitting there and waiting for the bottom of your feet…and before you know it…So, as Kreyol La contends in “Triye”, it’s best if you stay put, and try to rekindle the passion and work out the problems. Triye!

Pa vinn di mwen
Ke ou ka leve kite yon relasyon
Pou ninpòt stipidite
Pa vinn di mwen
Ke li fasil pou rekòmanse
San menm eseye
Jwen mwayen pou sa mache
Mounn yo telman chanje
Lanmou tèlman chanje
Mounn yo tèlman chanje

Don’t come telling me
That you can just get up and leave a relationship
For just any petty reason
Don’t come telling me
That’s it’s easy to start over
Without even giving a second go at it
Folks nowadays have changed so drastically
Find a way to make it work
Love nowadays isn’t the way it used to be
People have changed so drastically

Kreyol La Cover

Gade bien
Gade lari a bien
Dim si-w gen chwa
Fèm wèw fon chwa
Fanm pa bezwen gason
Gason pa bezwen fanm se tout vis kap devlope
On dirait tout mounn deraye
Gade lari a bien
Dim si’w gen chwa
fem wew fonw chwa Gason kou fanm nan tout sak pa bon
youn twonpe lòt san rezon
on sosyete san moralite
au nom de la modernite

Take a good look
Take a look at what’s out there
Does it look like you have a choice
Let me see you pick someone else out
Women swear they don’t need men
Men claim they don’t need women
It’s like the whole world’s gone haywire
Look at what’s out there, and look at it good
Does it look like you have a choice
Let me see you pick someone else out
Men and women are all up to no good
They creep on each other for no reason
It’s truly a world without scruples
All in the name of being with the times

Triye, triye pouw jwen on bon grenn
Pour la nuit li fasil
Pour la vie li difisil

Pick and choose, pick and choose so you can land a good one
One night stands are easy to come by
But the “Til death do us apart” is another matter
Pick and choose

Bon grenn yo deja gen mèt
All the good ones are already taken

Fow triye pouw jwen on bon grenn
Pick and choose, pick and choose so you can land a good one

Viv a saw genyen an
Rete a saw genyen an
Si wak on mounn ki renmenw e ki chwazi respekte w
Pa pran defol sou preteks ke ou ka jwen pi bon pasel
Lari a telman pieje ke chwa nou vrèman limite
Si’w pral chachonw mennaj,
Ki pa gen mennaj,
on ti mounn ki saj,
Ki pap tounonw loraj fow triye

Live with the one you’re with
Stay with the one you’re with
If you’re sharing your life with someone who loves you and respects you
Don’t take their little weaknesses as an alibi that there’s someone better otu there
It’s dangerous out there
You don’t really have any good picks
If you’re going to get someone
Who’s not already attached
Someone who has sanity of the mind
That’s not gonna turn into a thorn in your flesh
You gotta pick and choose

Triye, triye pouw jwenn on bon grenn
Jwenn yon bon pa fasil
Fòk ou chache anpil, triye

Pick and choose, so you can get hold of someone good
Finding a good one ain’t easy You’ve got to search a whole lot
Be picky

Ret a saw genyen an eh eh
Viv a saw genyen an eh eh…

Stay with the one you’re with, hey, hey
Get along with the one you’re with, he-hey

Lyrics (c) Kreyol La/Joe Zenny. Transl: K

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