Miss International Haiti 2013 Clara Luce Lafond: An Interview

clara luce lafond

clara luce lafond
Clara Luce Lafond is Miss International Haiti 2013. The only daughter in a family of four brothers, Miss Lafond worked in the field of education and in the beauty industry, prior to earning the crown. She’s a makeup artist and a natural hairstylist and consultant. She has endless other interests including, modeling and acting. One of her biggest passions is promoting healthy living in Haiti, and her new role as Miss International Haiti will give her an additional platform to do so.

How did you learn about the pageant?
I saw Anedie Azael—the franchise owner for Miss Haiti—post about the castings that were happening on Instagram. I was happy to see that she had taken on the initiative to organize the contest herself. This is when I decided to apply.

What does beauty mean to you?
To me beauty is whatever generates a good or happy feeling inside of you. Beauty is all around! I think people should seek beauty in everything, in everyone and everywhere. If you only look for what is not beautiful or what doesn’t make you feel good then that is all you’ll ever see, but if you take your time to seek something that gives you a pleasant feeling inside than you will never see a lack of beauty. It will always be abundant to your eyes.
clara luce lafond3

How do you feel about receiving the title Miss International Haiti?
I feel very honored to be carrying that title. Never did I imagine myself in such a position and I feel truly blessed to have accomplished such a thing. To know that I can inspire the people of my country by what I do or what I represent is a very Humbling feeling and I hold their appreciation and support very close to my Heart.

What do you hope to accomplish over the course of your life?
I wish to lead a happy and healthy life. To be able to live my dreams, to chase my goals and to have the Wisdom to remember to enjoy the journey towards reaching them. To be of service to those who require it. If I can follow my dreams, reach my ambitions, inspire others to do the same and live from what my heart truly desires while still living harmoniously with those around me, than I can say I accomplished, what I believe, to be the true meaning of life; I would have truly lived. And isn’t that what we all want in the end? To really live and be happy?

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