Meet Joanna Petit-Frere, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Meet Joanna Petit-Frere, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Joanna Petit-Frere celebrity makeup artist and photographer
The fact that Joanna Petit-Frere is also a fashion photographer distinguishes her from many other celebrity makeup artists in the entertainment industry. She’s able to use her skills as a photographer, and her knowledge of light and exposure to help her celebrity and non-celebrity clients create the ideal look.

Celebrities like Elle Varner, Cecily Tyson, Blair Underwood, Kenny Latimore, Angela Simmons (among hordes of others) have all had their faces done by her. Tyson’s spectacular makeup in the award-winning film A Trip to Bountiful was also done by Joanna.
Joanna Petit-Frere Celebrity Makeup artist
Above: The result of the makeup work that Joanna Petit-Frere did on the face and hair of actress Cicely Tyson for the film A Trip to Bountiful.

The Boston resident and Massachusetts College of Art graduate has earned two honors for her dual talents. She won a Best Makeup Artist trophy at the Boston Fashion Awards and was selected as Best Photographer of The Year
 at the Boston FAB Awards.

Joanna Petit-Frere celebrity makeup artist
Above: Joanna Petit-Frere works on Nancy V. Brown.

Check out the L’Oreal tutorial below made by Joanna herself.

Be sure to also watch this segment of “Style It Up” in which this kreyolicious makeup artist gives some makeup tips, and talks about her work as photographer. She busts the popular myth that a woman must wear the same color makeup as her clothes. She also discusses makeup and style trends.

Joanna has worked with so many brands, including L’Oreal, Christian Dior and her fashion, makeup and artistry work has been featured all over, including VibeViven and RollingOut. By the way, this Boston resident and Haitian-American is the founder of Visage 1 Studios, her own firm.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Joanna Petit-Frere. This is your favorite chick Kreyolicious signing off.



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