Haitian-American Millennials Summit 2019

Press Release: In Coming of Age, Haitian-American Millennials Formally Gather to Ask the Question: Kiyès ou ye: (Haitian Creole: Who are You)?

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Miami, FL [April 22, 2019]—Avanse Ansanm (Haitian Creole: Moving Forward, Together) is hosting a 1-day Haitian-American Millennials Summit at Miami-Dade College’s North Campus Science Complex on Saturday, April 27, 2019 titled Kiyes Ou Ye (Who are You): Culture, Community & Connections. The summit will address relevant topics in the United States and Haiti affecting their demographic and the greater community.

The millennial generation of Americans of Haitian descent are following the historical American immigration assimilation story of struggle to eventual success. Their coming of age is reflected with myriads of examples from this group participating in the betterment of their families and communities and leading in their respective professional fields across America. Using 2009 census data, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that at least 300,000 US born Americans have at least one parent that was born in Haiti. As of 2015, the US Census Bureau estimates that 1.1 million persons of Haitian ancestry live in the United States. Florida alone has 300,000 persons of Haitian descent. The majority of Haitian-Americans reside in Florida, New York/New Jersey and Massachusetts, with clusters also in Georgia, the Mid-Atlantic States and remaining pockets across the United States.

The agenda topics for the Haitian-American Millennials Summit reflect issues affecting the general millennial demographic including wealth generation, civic engagement, and discussions revolving around the contributions that Haitians provide to American society. This is a major forum that will have panel discussions led by leading local academics, politicians, culture endorsers, and others, on how and why Haitian-Americans are having significant influence in the United States and Haiti. Partners include Commissioner Jean Monestime, Miami-Dade County Commission, District #2 and Miami Dade College, North Campus. The summit is scheduled from 9am-4pm.

Admission for the summit is free. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Registration and more info can be found at AvanseAnsanm.org/summit.

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About Avanse Ansanm
Avanse Ansanm is a movement to engage South Florida Haitian- American millennials in creating a shared agenda for the advancement of the Haitian community & increasing Haitian-American millennials volunteerism, commitment, connectivity, and investment in the Haitian Community in South Florida & in Haiti. Avanse Ansanm’s mission is to engage & connect Haitian-American Millennials, understand and harness collective economic & political power, preserve Haitian culture in Haitian- American Millennials, and cultivate a strong community bounded by a shared strategy to Advance All Things Haitian.

For more information, please contact Santra Denis at [email protected]


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